Milena Krasnopiórko

His veins of the bluest blue pulsated; crystal-clear saliva moistened his lips; the skin quivered on his cheeks and his forehead, which was edged with dissolved light... and all this so teased the observer as to make him long to tear apart, cut to shreds, destroy utterly this brazen elusive flesh.

– Vladimir Nabokov, Invitation to a Beheading, translated by Dmitri Nabokov

Milena Krasnopiórko deals with painting, lithography, drawing and ceramics.
She was born in 1997 in Gdańsk. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk in 2022 at the painting department in the studio of prof. Jarosław Bauć. She is a laureate of the Third Edition of the National Student Painting Competition named after Wojciech Fangor (2020). Her work “Wonders” was qualified for the second stage in the competition of the Foundation for the Development and Promotion of Fine Arts IKI “Contrasts” and took part in the post-competition exhibition at the Apteka Sztuki Gallery in Warsaw (2022). Krasnopiórko is the first scholarship holder of the Art Investor company.