We know that ART
is an EXCELLENT investment

Ogród – Marek Okrassa
Marek Okrassa, The Garden, oil, canvas, 180×160 cm

What else do we know?

Every investing handbook warns that emotions are the enemy of investment and advises to avoid them.
We know

that investing in art is first and foremost about emotions.

We also know

that trust and individualized approach to each transaction is crucial.

We are aware

that comfort matters. Our in-person consultations and internet gallery ensure the ease of both buying and selling.

The word INVESTOR comes from Latin

Investio meant: to dress but also TO SHIELD.
We recognize the abilities

and needs of our artists.

We look after everything

so that they can do what they love - create.

We are also aware

that connecting people with works of art is, itself, an art.

Stocznia – Agnieszka Srokosz
Agnieszka Srokosz, Shipyard, acrylic, canvas, 100×120 cm
President / CEO

Adam Łapiński

Barcelonan born in Słupsk. Studied in the Tricity and in Berlin, lived and worked in Warsaw, and in his free time saw quite a bit of the world. He is the founder, owner and director of the independent media house Star Media,which he founded in 1999 at the age of twenty-eight, and which has been operating in Poland continuously since. Twenty years later he founded Art Investor, promoting and selling works by Polish artists. He says that for his sixty-eighth birthday, he also has a surprising idea for an art-related business.
Art came into his life from dreams. Throughout all his trips, he visited museums and galleries. Then he started buying artworks. Finally, he decided to verify if his knowledge and many years of practice in advertising and marketing would prove successful in the art market.
In his free time, he visits art fairs, from Art Basel through Arco Madrid and Tefaf New York to Art Miami. Auctions inevitably trigger shopping sprees, as does the Taschen Store Madrid.
Adam Łapiński
Izabela Jakul
Art & Sales Manager

Izabela Jakul

Born and living in Gdynia. She spent first few years of her life in China. Since her return from Pekin, she’s been living and then working in the Tricity. Her relationship with art dates back to her childhood, when she posed for her uncle Tadeusz Strzelczyk’s sculptures, and later busts, as well as paintings.
Her professional life has always revolved around culture. She worked in book publishing, was the director of the office of the Society of Friends of Sopot for fourteen years and ran the art gallery in the the Sierakowscy Manor. She was the idea person and the supervising force behind many exhibitions.
She graduated Executive MBA with an exception in 2019.
When she’s not working professionally, she nurtures. The most frequent victims of her care include: five cats, several dozen fish, shrimp and aquarium snails, as well as bonsai trees and plenty other household and terrace plants. She is also nurturing her passion for reading, travel and tabletop games.
Marketing Manager

Agnieszka Sarnacka

A Tricity gal born in Gdańsk. Before deciding that this was her home, she had to do quite a bit of searching. She has lived in London, Berlin, Poznań and Detroit. Apart from cities, she’s also changed industries. Her friends joke that the only place she’s not worked at yet is a mine. She’d found gainful employment in a publishing house and a chocolate factory, ran a tattoo studio and a vegan restaurant. As befits an incarnation of the cult Polish comedy series character the Working Woman, she’s donned both blue and white collars (the Working Woman had a different job in each episode of the series, helping the characters and the plot along). She learned how to use forklifts, she was an operator of lathes and milling machines. She experienced the highs and lows of running her own business.
Although she’s not afraid of any work, she feels most at home in the world of social media. She’s also in her element among market strategies, ambient media, online advertising, and qualitative research.
Her work truly is her passion, and she divides the little free time she has left between non-fiction literature, tabletop games and searching for the perfect SPA.
Agnieszka Sarnacka
It’s the spectator, and not life, that art really mirrors.
Oscar Wilde, The picture of Dorian Gray

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